Do You Want to Spend Your Holidays in Rye? Things to Do in this Wonderful Destination

Rye is a tiny town located in Victoria, Australia. The beautiful Mornington Peninsula where Rye is located has some of the stunning tourist attractions. So, it is better to visit the place when you have long holidays, so that you can cover all the places leisurely. Also, if you are fond of food and wine, then there are a number of places to visit in Rye.


If you ever plan to visit Rye, then you must stay at the Arcadia in Rye, where you will get luxurious and tasteful Bed and Breakfast facility at much affordable costs. You will get a better experience than staying in a hotel, especially if you are planning to spend long vacation with your family or group of friends. In Arcadia, you have the facility to cook your own food too, if you want to save some money.


Reasons to visit Rye in Australia for your holidays:

Although there are many things you can enjoy in Rye, but the most popular one is strolling or surfing at the most beautiful beach St Andrews. You could also visit nearby golf courses, Peninsula hot springs, or go riding and shopping at the local markets


Being a seaside village, Rye offers tranquil atmosphere to all the vacationers. This beautiful village has many nice places to be discovered. It is a perfect holiday destination for families with children. Children can not only enjoy playing at the mesmerizing beaches, but also indulge in various adventurous activities.


What’s in For Honeymooners and Couples at Rye?

Besides, the long romantic walks at the beach, couples and honeymooners can go for bike riding, scuba diving, snorkelling, dinning, surfing and shopping. Couples can enjoy dinning at one of the best restaurants offering Asian fusion and traditional cuisines.


You could also sign up for scuba diving or snorkelling lessons or rent a charter boat. Biker lovers have many choices to biking in Rye and around it. If you are looking for some good exercise, then biking from the Portsea to Dromana could be the best choice. It is a 28 Km long trail by the beach, which passes through Rye.


Holiday Home Away From Hustle and Bustle of City
If you visit Rye on a long holiday, it will give you good enough time to experience the local flavours of the place. You can also visit the Woolworths at the village centre, where you can buy fresh supplies.


If you book for holiday accommodation at places like the Arcade in Rye, then you can prepare your own food, which will help you in saving considerable amount of money on your holidays. There are plenty of farmer markets, where you can source fresh produce for your requirements.


Don’t forget to check out the Sunny Ridge, which is one of the most popular strawberry farms in the region. If you like to enjoy a sunny day on the fields, then you can visit this place and pick the berries yourself. It will give you a very nice opportunity to spend a fun filled day with your family members, or with your friends.


You must also visit the Main Ridge Dairy, where you can buy some of the fresh dairy products. It is one of the most popular farmhouse cheese factories in the region. They also make some of the wonderful handcrafted farmhouse cheese that is from the milk of goat. Ideally you should make your plans to visit 2 such local destinations in a day, to have a wonderful holidaying experience.

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