Best 2018 Paddle Board Features to Look for in Your Next SUP

Every paddle boarder user has different skill sets. So they require a board that fits into their preferences and recreational use. Paddleboard manufacturers are rolling out their new 2018 models, and there are some exciting new features to pay attention to this year. We are featuring a list of the important paddleboard characteristics that can provide you with plenty of performance and durability to your next paddleboard.

Paddleboard Manufacturing Technologies

There are several manufacturing technologies being introduced and enhanced for this season. Some innovations include:

  • Fusion laminated technology: it provides a greater bond strength by adding a secondary layer of PVC to the board using a Monocoque Structural Laminate (MSL) process.
  • Carbon hybrid technology: offers a lighter board made with aramid fibers that have undergone pressures of up to 200,000 lbs. to provide a stiffer, responsive board.
  • Double layer PVC: a construction process that involves welding a secondary layer of PVC to a core PVC base for a more durable board that lasts for years.

Upgraded Deck Pads

The 2018 paddleboard models are going through some great upgrades for the deck pads. While some deck boards have small deck pads on the surface, many of the newer models have the deck pad extended across the entire length of the paddleboard. This feature may be desirable for people who perform paddleboard yoga or for beginners to feel more secure that they have stable footing. Some manufacturers are also offering better thickness and traction design to their deck pads, along with material durability to last for a lifetime.

Inflatable SUPs

Inflatable stand up paddleboards are becoming more commonplace in manufacturer’s product lines. Unlike hard boards, these ones are compact and portable as you can remove the air, roll them up, and take them anywhere. When inflated, the boards are highly rigid and durable as they can bounce off rocks without a ding or a rip. Most high-performance inflatable paddleboards will have a reinforced exterior layer of PVC for extra durability.

Better Fin Attachment

Paddle boarders who are moving from the beginner to the more intermediate and experienced skill level will switch out the regular fins on their paddleboard with longer ones. Manufacturers are introducing easier methods to attach fins without having them become loose or fall off. There are now tool-less fin systems that just snap in place as there is an available finger screw to secure the tool-less fin so you don’t have to carry any hardware with you.

With the number of features and technologies being introduced this year, paddle boarders will have a wider selection of models to select from that will fit into their skill set and the type of paddle boarding they want to engage in. Check out these features when you go to purchase your next paddle board so you can have a great time out on the water.

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