How to Prepare When You Are Planning to Move to Singapore

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Movement to a different country requires a lot of preparation and paperwork. Advance preparation and systematic approach are very important to ensure successful move to a new country. We are providing you a few tips that will help you get well prepared and ease your task.

Preparation before arriving to the place

Without a better preparation you would definitely find the entire move to be a daunting experience. Most of the first-time goers feel the same. With assistance of an experienced relocation advisors, and advance preparation would make this adventure a lot enriching. Preplanning is very important before actually making a move.

For a successful movement, it is important to do a prior preparation. You need to check out the living cost, eligibility, status of employment pass, and make financial management before leaving for Singapore. You would also need to make proper arrangement for school admission for your kids and accommodation for pets.

Post arrival to Singapore

Once you arrive in Singapore you need to hunt for a house. Once you get a comfortable place to stay, you need to open an account in the bank. The other things that you need to do is to get a mobile phone and take a number that provides you uninterrupted phone service. Get a credit card, register for government services, and learn ways to get around the place. There are several reliable relocation providers that help their clients by easing their road towards getting Singapore visa.

Pay attention to the living cost in Singapore

Singapore is the 10th most expensive place in the entire world. Within Asia, it occupies 5th place. To avoid any surprise and disappointment, it is important to learn the standard and cost of living in advance. Check if the compensation package that you are offered will enable you to maintain lifestyle you have always wished to have. Low tax rate is an advantage to give your net income a big boost.

The more you save money, closer you will get towards building your dream home. Your biggest means of expenses will be rent, schooling, and transport. You can even lessen rent costs by living in an HDB, sharing a flat, or a living accommodation from your city.

Employment Pass approval

You need to qualify for getting an employment pass. Check the eligibility guidelines or try an online self-assessment method tool to find out your qualification for the pass. You can take assistance of your employer to assist you in approving your Employment Pass application. The in-principle EP approval nearly takes three or four weeks for processing.

A candidate needs to apply for an “Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate” from the Ministry of Manpower. On qualifying for this pass, you will be granted a social visit pass. This pass stays valid for a year for work purpose. You can apply for it online and processing of it takes about 7 days.


There is a lot of preparation that needs to be done when going to a new place. If you are going for the first time, then you may find that the preparation does not end till the last moment. This complete list of checklist and pointers will definitely prove to be beneficial for people who are preparing for an overseas move.

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