Research Well Before Starting a Business of Surf Shop Within your Budget

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Surfing is an activity that is enjoyed in water. There has to be huge tides or waves where a person on surf board stands firmly, and moves with the waves towards the shore. Sometimes, lakes and rivers are also in favour, but majorly it is enjoyed in ocean. Surfing is not only a fun activity, but people arrive to Hawaii where they participate in international competitions. This game was introduced by Polynesians 4000 years ago.

However, learning surfing isn’t easy if you don’t get the right institute to assist you. Therefore, when you select a shop, you need to be very cautious as it can make or destroy your potential. Similarly, for a beginner, who is planning to open surf shop, has to be very cautious as well, because one wrong move can lead to losing lot of money.  It might be fun if you simply want to enjoy this activity, but if you wish to open a business, then just enjoyment cannot be considered.

A business is opened to make a fortune, but that business should also give you satisfaction. Hence, the first and foremost thing to ask is the reason for launching surf shop. Once you know the valid reason, then you can decide what kind of shop you need. In an interview with Justin Cameron (Surfstitch) who is the cofounder of the shopping site, it was known that there are two kinds of surf shops that can be opened –

  • First, a regular shop that contains non-branded surf related sites and surf board. This can be opened cheaply but, in a zone, where surfing is considered important and the business is at higher rate.
  • Second, an exquisite shop that has its own brand name and sells only heavy brands of clothes and items although it may be an expensive start up, but as a beginner you can start with cheap rented place.

As a beginner you should always keep these few things in mind while using your capital –

  • After choosing an area where you can set your shop, your next target is to look for a wholesaler who handles all products from surf board to beach accessories at a reasonable price. This way, you might also be lucky to find that some things can be arranged by you at your workshop.
  • Generally, people believe in sole proprietorship, but it is always wise to get hold of a partner who is known to this community and can help in gathering crowd for you. There are many risks involved in a getting a partner, thus your partner should be someone whom you’ve known through long time and while running a business keeps everything on papers and official.
  • Look for a location where you can target more customers and less competition. You can also try collaborating with a competitor from other corner of the city which will be beneficial for both of you since they would also like to expand their business.
  • Either you can select an acquisition offer or think of opening a franchise. Both ways, you should be sure that the brand selection is capable to capture customers.

To avoid common mistakes, try following these few things to know exactly where you stand and what is suitable for you. Running a business isn’t easy but with firm determination and proper planning one can achieve the goal.

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