Enjoy the Best Lap Dances by Respecting the Rules in a Strip Club

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Who does not enjoy going to a strip club? It is one of the best places to unwind and relax with your friends. Strip clubs too come with a certain set of rules or guidelines that customer needs to follow and respect.

Be Ready to Spend Money

Nothing comes for free. So, if you want that lap dance, you need to shell out some money. This does not mean that you burn out all your savings in one day. Know how much you wish to spend. If you are looking for physical contact, then you need to pay the strippers.

The girls working in the strip clubs work for money. Foods and drinks in such clubs cost a bomb, so even if you are not there for a lap dance, you need to buy drinks and go with the flow. Secondly, you even need to tip the strippers heavily for their performance. If you don’t or become stingy, you will have bouncers on your tail to be escorted out of the club. If you are new to Dallas, then you can check out websites of Adult Entertainment Club Dallas and see their events and schedules.

Last but not the least never lose your cool in a strip club. Picking up fight is a big no in strip clubs. When testosterone is on the rise, fights are bound to happen. If it gets ugly, then bouncers might intervene and things can get worse.

Guidelines to be Followed in a Strip Club

Below are a few things that you must never do in a strip club:

  • Never embarrass yourself by puking or pissing in public
  • Use profanity or foul language with the strippers
  • Ignore the strippers by addressing your phone
  • Try to grab strippers or begging for more time
  • Blocking the staircase and creating a nuisance by stopping traffic
  • Coming in big groups and holding hands so that you do not lose them
  • Getting carried away with the whole thing and use chairs and tables as dance floors
  • Not acknowledging the presence of the bathroom attendant by not tipping them

Drinking it Down

When you go to a strip club, you are expected to get sloshed. If you are not a heavy drinker, then you can purchase a gin and tonic and keep nursing it. Never try ordering a martini in a strip club. The reason being, martini glasses are small and while carrying it over to your table, chances are that you might spill it on the floor or worse on someone.

Another thing that you might want to keep in mind is misbehaving with the bartenders. Bartenders are not your personal servants who will come at your beck and call. You might need to wait for your turn, rather than yelling for the bartender or creating a scene. The bartender knows what they are doing and will come take your order, when it is your turn.


Make the most of your time in a strip club. You might even get lucky and make some new friends or get some mind-blowing action at home.

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